Wednesday, February 16, 2011

London Olympics Qualifier: Pakistan vs Malaysia


Malaysia have been pitted against Pakistan in the first round of the 30th Olympic Games football Asian qualifying tournament following the draw in Kuala Lumpur. It will be the first meeting between the two countries at Olympic level with the first leg to be played in Kuala Lumpur on Feb 23 next year and the return leg in Pakistan on March 9


Pakistan: Yousof Ejaz Butt (Birkerod IF Skjold, Denmark), Amir Gul (NBP), Muhammad Omar (KESC), Manzoor Ahmed (WAPDA), Alamgir Khan (Police), Ahsan Ullah (PEL), Obaid Majeed (KPT), Ansar Abbas (Army), Faisal Iqbal (NBP), Syed Arif Hussain (WAPDA), Hussnain Abbas (PIA), Muhammad Tauseef (WAPDA), Muhammad Adil (KRL), Mahmood Khan (KRL), Irfan Khan (Bradford Park Avenue Association Football Club, England), Saddam Hussain (PIA), Fahad Ullah Khan (PTV), Jadeed Khan Pathan (WAPDA), Rizwan Asif (KRL), Kalim Ullah (KRL)

teams of Pakistan is in Bangkok for Training Camp in the build up for the team in coming Olympics Qualifiers

Giat Diorang Berlatih kat Thailand sbb nak biase kan dengan suasana malaysia

NO worry bCoz Harimau Muda tak Takot, No fear..


Anonymous said...


From Pakistan

Dr.Bola said...

your welcome :)

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