Friday, February 4, 2011

Gareth Bale -No Barcelona-Yes Tottenham

  HR say 6 NO to PEP G

Spanish champions Barcelona have revealed they would be interested in signing Gareth Bale as they plan a double raid on North London.

The Catalans could be ready to launch a £40m-plus bid for the Tottenham midfielder who has shone in Europe this season

Barcelona sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta told the Daily Mirror: 'Gareth is certainly an interesting a player - he has typical features that make him set for a league like La Liga.'

Manager Harry Redknapp warned off suitors with the terse message: ‘We’re not going to sell Bale.

You can’t afford to lose him and if you sell him, it sends out the wrong signals. If you are going to be a big club you don’t want to sell.

'We won't be selling Gareth Bale in the summer, it's up to the chairman but I'd be very surprised if we were interested in selling him at any price.

'You have special players in your team and if we're going to be a top team you've got to keep your top players, you can't be selling Gareth Bale.

'You've got three or four players who can make a difference and he's one of those players. And, if you lose him, you can't replace him. Where are you going to replace him? You go and get one from here, one from there, another one.

'When he gets the ball something happens, he can do something that no-one else can do. We can't afford to lose him.'

Barca target: But Tottenham's Gareth Bale has said he wants to stay in London

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