Sunday, February 27, 2011

Man Utd Crucial Month

It wil be crucial  month for man united, 
on March They had to face  both Chelsea and Liverpool  while they also still play in Champion League and FA cup...

March 2011
01 Mar  Chelsea A 19:45
06 Mar Liverpool A 13:30
19 Mar Bolton H 15:00

April should be more relaxing month where they only face middle league club which i home they can win all premier league game on April

April 2011
02 Apr West Ham          A 12:45
09 Apr  Fulham                  H 15:00
16 Apr Newcastle United A 12:45
23 Apr      Everton                  H 12:45

May would be title decider match. United Will face  arsenal the runner Up and Chelsea.. they have to win or  they will slip the BPL title to arsenal.

May  2011
01 May  Arsenal          A   14:05
07 May  Chelsea          H TBC
14 May  Blackburn A TBC
22 May  Blackpool H TBC

Barclays Premier League

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