Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Arsenal Sink Mighty Barcelona

 Sorry BArca :P

Wenger said: 'I am very proud for Arsenal because everybody urged us to play differently to our nature. It feels good. More than pride, it can strengthen the belief in our philosophy and that's important. It is very promising for our future. The target is to keep these players together.

'We played against the best team in the world and we managed to beat them. That doesn't take anything away from Barcelona; they are still an exceptional side. We were resilient and strong. I am highly delighted. The game promised a lot and fulfilled that promise. It was a special football night, an exciting night and I thank the fans because we suffered at times but they were behind us

Barcelona will want Jack Wilshere after this

Jack Wilshere was immense for Arsenal last night and after that performance you imagine Barcelona might be coming in for him in the summer rather than Cesc Fabregas.

He was so comfortable on the ball, moved it quickly and the greatest compliment Barcelona paid him was that they sat off him once they realised he could handle the pressure and would not give the ball away

Arsenal very Young Fantastic team.. i vote them to qualify.. hope soo..
This remind me how difficult barcelona to win against Rubin Kazan

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