Monday, February 28, 2011

carling cup 2011 winner : Arsenal 1 Birmingham 2

Congratulation Birmingham!!! 

-Wenger refuses to blame players

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger refused to blame his players after their 2-1 Carling Cup defeat by Birmingham. He said: "A little misunderstanding had a great consequence on the game and both players are destroyed. I blame no-one. When these things happen late in the game there is no time to rectify it."

- McLeish hails greatest achievement
Birmingham boss Alex McLeish said his side's Carling Cup final victory over Arsenal at Wembley is his "greatest achievement" as a manager. McLeish said: "I am so pleased for the fans, they have craved victory for a long time. Relatively speaking, it is my greatest achievement. For a small club like ours to beat Arsenal was a titanic effort."

                                                        Unlucky gunners.. 

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