Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lions Win AFFsuzuki cup 2012

Congratulation to Singapore..
The luck is on their side.. they are good team
They got promising young player
With extra support from the Foreign player.. they deserve for the trophy

However Thailand is the best Team in AFF 2012..
They have Good Composition of Player.. 
Good Technique and Team Work.. Teerasil is playing in difference level of football.. 

They Just Unlucky....!!!

                                    Most valuable player
                            Shahril Ishak

Top goal scorer (5 goal)
Teerasil dangda

For me Shahril and Teerasil is very good player..
both of them inspire their team..

                           Fair Play Award

Good play from malaysia.. but that not enough!!
They bunch of Good player that  RajaG missed..
you are they have right to call any player you want..
We Respect your decision.. you are good motivator..
team have good spirit...
but this time i really think you bring the wrong player..
there 4-5 player performed well in the league..better than your selected player..
Anyway.. Congratz ! GO! Malaysia Selamanya!!

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