Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Japan beat korea go through asian cup Final

what a five star football show produce by Japan and Korea.

Both team play an attacking football, which give an entertain play with silky moves.
japan start well  by attacking smooth display motorised by endo , kagawa and honda in midfield . eventually korea grab the first goal  from penalty spot,  japanese defender brought down park ji sung in a penalty box, one of controversy decision by saudi arabia referee. the penalty kick was taken by  ki sung yueng

after the first goal, korea manage to control game, they start to play more open attacking through both wing, and cha du ri have good play from right back supporting their attacking by produce some quality cross into penalty box.

on 36 minute, fine counter attack moves initiated by keisuke Honda, deliver really good pass through japanese defender to nagatomo ,  nagatomo superb Run really beat cha du ri then bring ball into penalty box. he manage to pass the ball to R.Maeda which already waiting with no guard  easily beat  the korea keeper,

score still 1-1 until full time, the fine beautiful game play is bring on to extra time.. on 97 minutes korea conceded penalty, referee makes another controversy decision when okazaki being brought down by korean defender. unlucky korean keeper go to right side to push keisuke honda pealty kick,but ball land well to hosoga feet and he put it in easily.

on 2nd half extra time, korea really give so good attack in japanese side, couple of changes from japan side , defender is brought in by japanese coach alberto zaccheroni which indicates tey are going to play a bit defensive.

3 second from full, korea makes a miracle comeback, from 30 yards free kick take by ki sung yueng into penalty box, japanese failed to bring out the ball out of penalty area, which 29 years old korea defender w.Lee easilly kick the ball in.

The match goes to penalty which Eiji Kawashima comes out as Japanese Hero for his fine Goalkeeping . japan be the lucky team  win 3-0 on penalty to go through asian cup  final
                        Japanese Goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima

Referee Khalil Al Ghamdi of Saudi Arabia gives some controversy decision by showing penalty spot for both team.

 Congratulation to Japan.. Good Luck !!
 player to watch : Shinji Kagawa  - good technique, eagle eyes, perfect smooth passes
 one day, he will play for Man Utd as park ji sung successor..

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